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Dexter Davis

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1577 Koppers Road
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Brad Dixon

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2520 Wilco Blvd South
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Tom O'Leary

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(512) 469-0391

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11612 RM 2244
Building 1 Suite 250
Austin,TX 78738

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Available Products

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Tack Coat - Conventional A tack or bond coat is an application of emulsion or asphalt binder that is sprayed onto the roadway surface immediately prior to a paving operation. The adhesion of multiple lifts of pavement provides for maximum structural coefficient and ensures the safety and longevity of the pavement structure. CSS-1H
Chip Seal - Conventional A spray-applied application of asphalt emulsion followed by an application of a single layer of aggregate used to provide friction, seal cracks less than ¼ inches wide and reduce the intrusion of water into roadway structures. Typically used on more rural routes with low-to-moderate ADTs. Life extensions of 5 - 7 years are typical. CRS-2H
Chip Seal - Modified A wearing course of spray-applied polymer modified asphalt emulsion followed by an application of a single layer of aggregate used to provide friction, seal cracks less than ¼ inches wide and preserve roadways. The modification provides resistance to higher ADT routes and provides for a relatively quick return to traffic. Life extensions of 6 - 7 years are seen. CRS-2L
Rejuvenating Scrub Seal Surface treatment designed as a mass crack sealer with frictional properties of a chip seal. Used on roadways with high-density, top-down cracking as a wearing course or interlayer. Provides life extension of 6 - 7 years. CMS-1PR
Fog Seal - Conventional A preservation technique that involves spraying a diluted asphalt emulsion onto an asphalt surface. Used to enhance aggregate retention and seal hairline cracks. Life extensions of 2 - 4 years are typical. CMS-1P
Fog Seal - Specialty A fog seal treatment exhibiting a unique property such as a relatively quick return to traffic, a trackless cure or a polymer modified binder CHPF-1 (eFog HP)
Micro Surfacing - Conventional Surface treatment/wearing course with standard 3% polymer modification of the asphalt base. Addresses loss of friction, oxidation rutting and minor reprofiling. Can be used on all roadway types and all traffic levels, providing 6 - 8 years of life extension. CQS-1HP
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